Stirling Castle Distant - Greenock Cruise Ship Tours
Stirling Castle Distant - Greenock Cruise Ship Tours

Greenock Cruise Ship Tours – 2024

Greenock is a great place to take a tour from a cruise ship in 2024. There are a range of fantastic and scenic Highland places within easy reach. We feel priviliged, at Inverness Tours, because we have been able to show the best of the Highlands to cruise ship passengers for nearly twenty years. You travel in comfort during our private group tours due to our roomy and air-conditioned seven-passenger vehicles.

What to do with a day in Greenock?

Coming ashore at Greenock gives you access to a wealth of things to see and do within easy reach. As a result, we have three excellent tours available, heading both north east and north west from the port.

Loch Lomond - Greenock Cruise Ship Tours

Loch Lomond and Inveraray Castle Tour from Greenock Cruise Ships

The Loch Lomond and Inveraray Greenock Cruise Ship Tour takes us from Greenock up Loch Lomond to Tarbet. Next we travel through the impressive mountain pass known as the “Rest and Be Thankful”. Inveraray is our first major stop of the day, and there are options of town or castle. Then it’s onwards to a photostop at the beautiful ruins of Kilchurn Castle. The final part of the day sees our return down Lomondside and a visit to the pretty village of Luss, on the shores of Loch Lomond.

Drummond Castle Gardens - Greenock Cruise Ship Tours

Stirling Castle and Wallace Monument Tour from Greenock Cruise Ships

The Stirling Castle and Wallace Monument Greenock Cruise Ship Tour has a visit to the mighty Stirling Castle as the first treat of the day. Then we cross the city of Stirling to visit the National Wallace Monument. We include a photostop at the world-famous Gleneagles golf course, enroute to the bustling and pretty town of Crieff. Our final visit of the day can be either a visit to Drummond Castle Gardens or the Glenturret Whisky Distillery.

Stirling Castle - Greenock Cruise Ship Tours

Stirling Castle and Highland Cattle Tour from Greenock Cruise Ships

The Stirling Castle and Highland Cattle Tour begins with a short journey to Loch Lomond and our first stop, in the scenic village of Luss. Next we drive through the Loch Lomond and the Trossachs National Park taking the impressive Duke’s Pass route. That brings us to the small hamlet of Kilmahog, because it is the ideal place to visit with Highland Cows. We then have time to spend in the pretty town of Callander before our final stop of the day – the mighty stronghold of Stirling Castle.

Greenock History

Greenock begins service as a fishing village providing a long vanished castle with provisions, in the 1500’s. Thereafter the town grew in leaps and bounds, taking advantage of its coastal location on the estuary of the River Clyde. Becoming the west coast’s major port it wasn’t long until it became an established shipbuilding town too. American trade provided the wealth, and in particular Caribbean sugar cane, processed in Greenock’s fourteen sugar refineries, and supplying half of the UK’s demand. Greenock suffered in World War II, but worked hard to enjoy the postwar years, continuing to thrive as a port.

The Greenock Blitz

The two nights of continuous bombing undertaken by the Luftwaffe in May 1941 is known as the Greenock Blitz. The toll counted by the town by the third morning was nearly 300 dead, over 10,000 injured, 25,000 damaged homes, and 5,000 houses destroyed outright. But things could have been much worse, had some of the bombers not been lured further south on the second night. The air ministry lit fires in a false decoy town out on the moors, and many bombs were dropped there instead.

What does Greenock mean?

As questions go, this one could start a fight in an empty room! It depends whether you are of the belief that the town was named by ancient Britons or ancient Scots. Both people spoke a Celtic language – but not the same one. So if the Britons named Greenock then it means sandy or gravelly place. If the Scots named it then it means sunny knoll. We’re sure the Greenockians hope it was the Scots, as it sounds much better.

What is Greenock famous for?

James Watt, famous for the development of the Watt steam engine, was born here. And Highland Mary, one of the young ladies much adored by poet Robert Burns, is buried here. Greenock had the first Burns Club anywhere in the world, the Mother Club, founded in 1801. We have also heard how Greenock was famous as a port. It was the port through which many Highland emigrants made their way to the USA and the new world. Thankfully nowadays the ships are coming the other way, often bringing us the descendants of those earlier emigrants – keen for us to show them the land of their roots.

Greenock Cruise Ship Custom Tours

If you wish to see and do other things while in Greenock on a Cruise Ship then we can accommodate that too. We can build a custom tour adding any other places, activities or experiences for you.

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