Our Isle of Skye Tours from Inverness can include a boat trip. The foreground is an ocean strait with the boat at sea to the left. In the background, across the water, is the long Jagged ridge of the Black Cuillin Mountains. The sky is blue and nearly cloudless.

2024 – Isle of Skye Tours from Inverness

Our guests love our Isle of Skye Tours from Inverness due to the world class scenery and island welcome. That is why we, at Inverness Tours, love sharing the very best of Skye with people. Our visitors travel in comfort during our private group tours due to our roomy and air-conditioned seven-passenger vehicles. Browse below our range of instantly bookable top day tours and multi day tours to the Isle of Skye from Inverness for the 2024 season. Or email us to discuss building the best Isle of Skye tour for your group! 

Getting to Isle of Skye from Inverness

We like Isle of Skye tours because there are many ways of getting to the island from Inverness. So we have plenty of spectacular choices when it comes to offering different circular routes to and from Skye. But whether you choose lonely Glen Carron, the Road to the Isles or by Eilean Donan Castle, we know that you will love it.

How Big is Isle of Skye

When planning your trip you need to consider how big the Isle of Skye is. It is a little over 60 miles long. However, because it has many peninsulas it actually has hundreds of miles of roads. So, we offer one day tours to different parts of Skye and a three day tour that does the lot!

Our private trips to Skye from Inverness

Our trips to Skye are designed to deliver exactly what each visitor requires. So we have several available, each one day tour or trip has a different focus. Our three days “Best of the Isle of Skye” tour combines the highlights of the other tours in one memorable short break.

Isle of Skye and Eilean Donan Castle Tour 

Eilean Donan is one of the iconic castles of Scotland and all our Isle of Skye tours from Inverness pass by. Any of the tours can include a photostop or visit. Even our shortest one day Skye tour includes time to visit the south end of the island and Eilean Donan.

Isle of Skye and Hogwarts Express Tour from Inverness

Our one day Isle of Skye and Hogwarts Express Tour from Inverness arose as many visitors asked about the Harry Potter train. So, in 2007, we developed a special tour which combines a visit to Skye with a Jacobite Train experience. That experience can just involve photostops along the train’s route, or an actual journey onboard!

The grey harling towers of Dunvegan Castle are central in this picture. But the picture is taken from the gardens, and so the castle view is completely framed in bushes, flowers and trees.
Dunvegan Castle, in the north-west of the Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye and Dunvegan Castle Tour from Inverness

Dunvegan Castle is a great one day tour from Inverness and lies in the extreme north west of the Isle of Skye. The castle has been the ancestral home of the Clan MacLeod for 800 years. As a result the castle is filled with sumptuous furnishings, paintings and objects of every sort.

This wide picture is of a major landslip on the Trotternish Ridge. The sky above is blue and the grass is green, but overwhelmingly the great cliffs are black and shattered into cracks, chasms and pinnacles.The Quiraing on the Trotternish Peninsula on the Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye and Trotternish Peninsula Tour from Inverness

We think our one day Trotternish Peninsula Tour from Inverness is the most scenic and picturesque on the Isle of Skye. As a result, visitors marvel at the fantasy landscapes of the Storr, Kilt Rock and the Quiraing. It is no wonder that so many films have used this peninsula for locations.

Isle of Skye & Talisker Distillery Tour from Inverness

Our usual one day Isle of Skye & Talisker Distillery Tour from Inverness is to the oldest Distillery in Skye. They have been making whisky since 1830, so it follows that they have it down to a fine art. We also like to add a visit to the Fairy Pools, as they lie close to Talisker. However, a different but equally fascinating distillery visit is possible at the other end of the island instead, if requested. Torabhaig Distillery is the newest distillery on Skye, and has been making whisky since 2017. We can visit it as part of our south Skye tour.

Isle of Skye and Mull Tour from Inverness

Our Isle of Skye and Mull Tour from Inverness is for those who thirst to see more than one Hebridean island. We feel that taking two days to look at both Skye and Mull gives people an interesting contrast. You will overnight on the Isle of Mull.

The Fairy Pools, which can be visited on our Isle of Skye Tours from Inverness, are shown in this picture. A small river makes a low white-water cascade into a clear pool. Behind are the rocky peaks of the Black Cuillin Mountains. The sky is half blue, and half puffy white clouds.
The Fairy Pools on our Isle of Skye Tours from Inverness

Isle of Skye Three Day Tour – Best of the Isle from Inverness

The Best of the Isle of Skye Tour from Inverness is for those inspired by reading about our other Skye tours. To enjoy all of the places we visit on the one day tours you need the three day tour. It is called the Best of the Isle for good reason. You will be able to ride the Jacobite Train; visit the museum of the Isles; stay two nights on Skye; and see Trotternish, Talisker and Dunvegan.

Why visit Isle of Skye

There are so many answers to the question “Why visit the Isle of Skye?” Whether your enthusiasms are arts and crafts, food and drink, history and legend, walks and wildlife or scenery and culture you will find it all here. These attractions, coupled with the warm welcome, is why the Isle of Skye has been described by many as one of the world’s must-see destinations.

Isle of Skye places to visit

Our tours do feature the highlights, but there are many other places to visit on the Isle of Skye too. As well as historical and scenic locations, there are sites associated with myth and legend. Skye also offers opportunities for wildlife trips; activity visits or even just some gentle walking.

Isle of Skye – Old Man of Storr

The Old Man of Storr is a well known landmark on the Isle of Skye. A great finger of rock, it points from the Trotternish ridge into the island sky. Standing over 160 feet high, this massive pinnacle remained unclimbed until 1955. Our Trotternish Tour runs right by the Old Man.

Isle of Skye – Quiraing

The Quiraing, on the Isle of Skye, is a fantastic maze of rock spikes and cliffs. Skye writer Otta Swire exclaimed that “it was as if the terror that walks in darkness here walks by day!”

Isle of Skye – Portree

Portree is the capital of the Isle of Skye. It is a very pretty town, not least due to the many brightly coloured houses along the harbourside. The main street has a good range of local shops and as a result our visitors enjoy spending time here

Skye Boat Song

The Skye Boat Song is perhaps currently best known as the theme to the popular TV show Outlander. It does, however, have quite a lengthy history. It began as a traditional air, a Gaelic rowing song, called The Cuckoo in the Grove. The words were added in 1884, and the name consequently changed to the Skye Boat Song. This was because the words tell of the fugitive Bonnie Prince Charlie’s travelling “Over the sea to Skye” in 1746. Eight years later Robert Louis Stevenson rewrote alternative lyrics, and it is these that Bear McCreary used for Outlander.

Who Owns Isle of Skye

The question “who owns the Isle of Skye?” is not an easy one to answer. In common with much of Scotland, land ownership in Skye is a bit of a patchwork. There are about a dozen large landowners on Skye, with the Scottish Government owning most of the northern half of the island. Glendale, near Dunvegan is a community-owned estate, while Sleat, in the south, is a local development trust.

Isle of Skye Custom Tours from inverness

If you wish to visit the Isle of Skye for longer then we can accommodate that too. We can build a custom tour to your desired length adding any of your other desired places; activities or cultural experiences.

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