Scenic photo of the beach on Harris taken on our Hebrides Tours from Inverness
Scenic photo of the beach on Harris taken on our Hebrides Tours from Inverness

Hebrides Tours from Inverness – 2024

Our  2024 Tours to the Hebrides from Inverness take you to a place where time passes more slowly. Yesterday is just around the next corner, and the wide island skies are above. As Inverness Tours, we take guests on private group tours throughout Scotland in our seven-passenger vehicles, but visiting the Hebrides is special. We love the warmth of welcome and think you will too.

How long to spend on the Hebrides

We have developed a two day tour and a four day tour to give you a choice of how long you spend and how many islands you see and experience.

Hebrides Two Day Tour – Lewis, Harris and Skye

Our two day tour can be described as the Isles of Lewis, Harris and Skye with Callanish Stones and Luskentyre Beach. We leave from Inverness and take the ferry to Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. We spend the afternoon exploring the island’s fabulous west coast and then overnight in Stornoway. Our second day is an adventure that takes us through the Isle of Harris and the Isle of Skye, finally ending back in Inverness.

Hebrides Four Day Tour – A Journey Through the Isles

Our four day tour is a journey through the Hebrides from Lewis to Iona, enjoying Harris, Skye and Mull on the way. Again we begin with Lewis, and an overnight in Stornoway. Our second night, after enjoying Harris and north Skye, is spent in Portree. On day three we travel through Ardnamurchan to the Isle of Mull, to stay in Tobermory, and our final day offers you choices. Before returning to Inverness you can either visit the Isle of Staffa and the Treshnish Isles, or you can visit the Isle of Staffa and the Isle of Iona. In order to better help your decisions we have included some more information on the Islands that form the Hebrides below.

What are the Outer Hebrides?

The Outer Hebrides lie in a long chain, much farther out to the west than the Inner Hebrides. The mighty Atlantic washes the white sand beaches of their west coasts. The Vikings called these islands “the Long Island” and nowadays we also call them the Western Isles.

Which of the Outer Hebrides do your tours from Inverness visit?

We visit the Isle of Lewis and the Isle of Harris. The other islands in the group are marvellous too, and we do also love visiting them. If your time is short, however, we feel that Lewis and Harris are a perfect introduction to these islands. This is because the ferry timings work well for us and there are a wealth of places to interest you

Guides Hugh Allison and Mark Addison in the ocean at Luskentyre beach with happy customers taken on one of Hebrides Tours
Hugh, Mark and friends in the sea at Luskentyre

Outer Hebrides Tours – Beaches

The Outer Hebrides have been gifted with some of the best beaches in the world. It is not just Inverness Tours that think this. TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet both agree. Choose from dazzling white strands or soft golden sand. Granted the Atlantic can be a little chilly at nearly latitude 58 north, but that has never stopped us taking a dip if we wish.

Tracks in the sand leading down towards ocean on otherwise undisturbed sand
Leave nothing but footprints!

Outer Hebrides Tours- Isle of Lewis

On both of our tours we arrive on the Isle of Lewis by ferry at around lunchtime. Heading for the island’s west coast we have the rest of the day to visit your choice of the west coast attractions. How many you will see will depend on how long you want to spend at each place. The stone circles at Callanish are one of the most popular stops because they are the inspiration for the stones in Outlander, and also the movie “Brave”. Some of our other stops usually include the Broch at Carloway; then either Gearrannan Blackhouse Village or the Arnol Blackhouse Museum. And if time and weather are kind then Dalbeg Beach is a lovely bay. We overnight in the island capital; Stornoway.

Outer Hebrides Tours – Isle of Harris

On both our tours we visit Harris on day two. You usually tell us that you would like to either visit the Isle of Harris Distillery; the award-winning Luskentyre Beach; the little tweed sheds on the Golden Road or Rodel Church, the finest medieval building in the Outer Hebrides. Sometimes we manage one of these visits and sometimes all of them because ferry times vary depending on the day of the week.

Panoramic view from top of hill looking out over white sands of Luskentyre Beach on the island of Harris
Luskentyre Beach on the Isle of Harris

What are the Inner Hebrides?

The Hebrides is the name for all of the islands that lie off Scotland’s west coast. The Inner Hebrides are located quite close to Scotland’s mainland. The name was first written by the Romans, but it is likely that they based it upon a native word, now lost in the mist of time.

Which of the Inner Hebrides do your tours from Inverness visit?

We visit the Isle of Skye on our two day tour. On the four day tour we cover; Isle of Skye, the Isle of Mull and the Isle of Iona. There are also options on the four day tour of visiting the uninhabited Treshnish Isles and the Isle of Staffa with Fingals Cave.

Image of one of our vehicles under a blue sky. There is a peaked mountain in the distance taken on the Hebrides Tours from Inverness
Van in the Red Cuillins on the Hebrides Tours from Inverness

Inner Hebrides Tours – Isle of Skye

Isle of Skye is the largest of the Inner Hebrides. It is known the world over for breathtaking scenery and its rich body of myth and legend. The island capital, Portree, is beautiful, particularly as a result of the many brightly coloured houses along its harbour side. The town is well served too by a range of local shops and restaurants. Skye has featured in many TV shows and films in both Hollywood and Bollywood, and plenty homegrown productions too.  An unforgettable place to visit.

Isle of Skye – Places we visit

Both of our tours are crafted so that you will travel the length of the island. Because we arrive by ferry from the Outer Hebrides we make landfall at the north end of the island. This gives us the chance to enjoy the most scenic of Skye’s attractions on our way through. As we drive through the Trotternish Peninsula, we will see firstly the Quiraing, then Kilt Rock and lastly the Old Man of Storr. Portree comes next, followed, at the heart of the island, by the Black Cuillin Mountains. On the two day tour we leave by crossing the Skye Bridge because we are returning to Inverness. On the four day tour we have longer to enjoy the delights of the island, and we overnight in Portree. When we leave, it is by the ferry at the south end, on our way to the Isle of Mull.

Brightly Painted Houses in the village of Tobermory on the Isle of Mull. Taken during one of our Hebrides Tours from Inverness
Tobermory Harbourfront on our Hebrides Tours from Inverness

Inner Hebrides Tours – Isle of Mull

The Isle of Mull is the second largest of the Inner Hebrides. It is well known for its wildlife, sealife, scenery, culture and food. We arrive in the main town, Tobermory, by ferry in the afternoon on day three of the four day tour. We love all the local craft and artisan shops here. Tobermory has even more of the brightly coloured houses than Portree, and we overnight here. Our final day has choices which need to be decided ahead of time. April to August is Puffin time, so you can take a trip to the Treshnish Isles to see them. Or we can drive throughout Mull, and take a trip to the Isle of Iona and/or the Isle of Staffa. Either way, by the afternoon we begin our journey back to Inverness.

Inner Hebrides Tours – Isle of Iona

The Isle of Iona is about three miles long and has a population of about 130. It is remarkably beautiful, has deep mystical significance and so has a very special atmosphere. The most famous site on the island is Iona Abbey, where Columba and followers set up their settlement in 563 AD. They came from Ireland to spread Celtic christianity throughout the kingdoms of northern Britain.

White sand beach next to village on the Isle of Iona. Iona Abbey is visible in the far distance. This was taken on the Hebrides Tours from Inverness
Holy Isle of Iona on the Hebrides Tours from Inverness

Custom Tours to the Hebrides from Inverness

We love introducing folks to the delights of our islands. So if you want to go to a different island, either as well or instead, of our usual choices, then feel free to tell us. We know and enjoy all of the islands equally and would love the chance to revisit with you. MacNeils have been taken by us to their ancestral castle on the Isle of Barra. We have taken whisky enthusiasts for a couple of days to Islay, the Whisky Isle. One exciting custom tour runs right through all the Outer Hebrides. After Lewis and Harris we travel through North Uist, Benbecula, South Uist, Barra and finally Vatersay. Come explore with us.

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