Scottish Clan Tours visit to the annual Anniversary Service at Culloden, by Inverness. A great crowd of people in the foreground with many colourful flags. The people are in every garb from motorcycle leathers to full traditional kilt. Mid-ground to the right is the main Culloden Memorial, standing 20 feet high with bushes on top. In the background is a forest, above which are light clouds and a blue sky.

2024 – Scottish Clan Tours from Inverness

Inverness Tours believe that our 2024 Scottish Clan Tours from Inverness are an important service to offer to the descendants of emigrant clanfolk. As a result we have helped their development, by giving workshops on Ancestral Tourism and Genealogy. We hold the Ancestral Tourism Award because of our committment to providing excellent service in this field. We, at Inverness Tours, delight in sharing your Clanlands with you. You travel in comfort during our private group tours due to our roomy and air-conditioned seven-passenger vehicles.

New for 2024 Clan Tours Departing Edinburgh & Glasgow

Clan Chief – Scottish Clan Tours from Inverness

Your ancestral clanlands become the focus of your clan tour, often with a look at the castle which was the original seat for the Clan Chief, or their place of power. We know some of the modern day Clan Chiefs and because of this it is sometimes possible for our guests to meet their own. Some of the clans were more powerful than others and as a result there may be a number of castles to visit in their clanlands.Some castles are, of course, in ruins. We also visit the market town or village of your clan, and other places of significance. These may include the sites of heroic deeds or even the hereditary burial grounds.

Clan Cameron Tour

We tour Clan Cameron country which lies 65 miles from Inverness around Fort William on the west coast. Achnacarry Castle (briefly known as Castle Commando) is the clan seat, and also the home of Donald Cameron of Lochiel, 27th chief of the clan. Visiting the Clan Cameron Museum can easily be linked with seeing the castle because it is located in a cottage close by.

Clan Chisholm Tartan - - Scottish Clan Tours from Inverness

Clan Chisholm Tour

The Chisholm clan tour from inverness centres on the village of Cannich in Strathglass, and the three main valleys running west from Strathglass These are Glen Affric, Glen Cannich and Strathfarrar. Erchless Castle is the clan seat, although in private hands since its sale in 1935. Hamish Chisholm of Chisholm is the 33rd chief.

Clan Cumming Tour

Join us on our Clan Cumming Tour from Inverness. (Which is also the Clan Comyn Tour from Inverness.) A powerful clan with a tumultuous history.  Clan Cumming, also known as Clan Comyn, is a Scottish clan from the central Highlands that played a major role in the history of 13th century Scotland.  Take a journey with us through their clanland.  Skirting the edge of the Cairngorm mountains we stop at the Cummings/Comyn stronghold of Lochindorb Castle and up through the Altyre Estate.  Onto the Morayshire coast for a beachside lunch and time for a stop into Glen Moray Distillery as we make our way back to Inverness.

Clan Fraser of Lovat Tartan - Scottish Clan Tours from Inverness

Clan Fraser of Lovat Tour

The Clan Fraser of Lovat tour from Inverness stops first at Beauly, just outside of Inverness, which was Fraser of Lovat’s main settlement, and a rewarding stop. Beaufort Castle is the clan seat, although it was sold to settle debts in 1990’s. Fraser country has become more popular since the TV show, Outlander. The current chief is Simon Fraser, 18th Lord Lovat, 25th MacShimidh (pronounced Macsheemee).

Clan Mackay Tartan - Scottish Clan Tours from Inverness

Clan Mackay Tour

The Clan Mackay Tour from Inverness heads to the clan heartland which is called Mackay Country (because it translates from the Gaelic name, Duthaich MhicAoidh). Strathnaver Museum is a great place to discover the clan story. These clanlands lie in the far north west, around Tongue, so the ancient clan seat was Castle Varrich.The current chief of Clan Mackay is Aeneas Simon Mackay, 15th Lord Reay.

Clan Mackenzie Tartan - Scottish Clan Tours from Inverness

Clan Mackenzie Tour

We enjoy a tour of Clan Mackenzie country as it takes us all the way from Inverness to Wester Ross. The Clan Mackenzie have been around since the 1200’s, but rose to immense power and influence from the 1500’s. Their clanlands, as mentioned, stretched from west coast to east coast and included around a dozen castles. The current clan seat is Castle Leod, near Dingwall, which is the home of the clan chief, John Mackenzie, 5th Earl of Cromartie

Clan Mackintosh Tartan - Scottish Clan Tours from Inverness

Clan Mackintosh Tour

Our Clan Mackintosh tour is our most local one, as the clan were from the Inverness area. The King gave Clan Mackintosh rich lands around Inverness in the 1100’s. They became quite powerful, as a result, and a number of clans joined their confederation which was known as Clan Chattan (pronounced (Hattan). John Mackintosh of Mackintosh is the 31st Chief, and his mother maintains an interesting historical collection at the clan seat, Moy Hall.

Clan Munro Tartan - Scottish Clan Tours from Inverness

Clan Munro Tour

The Clan Munro Tour from Inverness takes us to Easter Ross. Foulis Castle is the seat of Clan Munro and stands a few miles east of Dingwall. The current castle is an imposing building incorporating earlier remains but largely dating from the 1750’s. This is because the Jacobite Mackenzies burned down the previous castle in the 1745 Rising. The current chief of Clan Munro is Hector Munro.

Clan Rose Tartan - Scottish Clan Tours from Inverness

Clan Rose Tour

The Clan Rose Tour runs east from Inverness, as the clanlands lie primarily in Strathnairn and Nairnshire. The Rose family settled by the river Nairn in 1230, and secured their clan seat, Kilravock Castle, thereafter by marriage. The Rose family has always had a close relationship with the town of Nairn, many of them being town Provosts (Mayors). The current chief is David Rose, 26th Baron of Kilravock (pronounced Kilrock).

Mackay Country Stone - Scottish Clan Tours from Inverness

Clanlands – Scottish Clan Tours from Inverness

We are delighted that Outlander stars Sam Heughan and Graham McTavish have chosen to call their new book – Clanlands. Our adventures in the clanlands began more than a decade ago. The Clan System could be described as very territorial because each of the clans occupied a specific area. Time and muscle might change those boundaries, and as a result. clan power might wax and wane. But the idea of specific clanlands is what bound the whole clan system together. We knew that an international event called “Homecoming Scotland 2009” would create a need for Scottish clan tours from Inverness, and so we created a whole suite of them. And the Clanlands book – well, we carry a copy of it with us on these tours now, just in case anyone wants to discuss it.

Custom Scottish Clan Tours from Inverness

 We love helping our guests to discover the places important to their ancestors. The eight listed above are the tours that, up until now, have been the most commonly requested. But many of our guests have asked for different clan tours. We have presented these, below, in bullet point form. As a result, you should be able to more quickly discover whether we already have your clan tour ready to go. Even if your clan is not on the list below, we would encourage you to contact us, and we will be able to provide advice and information.
After all – you know what they say in the clanlands …. “Come away in, the door is open and the kettle’s on!”

  • Brodie
  • Cumming
  • Davidson
  • Farquharson
  • Gordon
  • Gunn
  • Grant
  • Innes
  • Keith
  • Logan
  • MacBean
  • MacDonald
  • MacGillivray
  • Mackinnon
  • MacLennan
  • MacLeod of Assynt
  • MacLeod of Skye
  • MacPhail
  • Macpherson
  • Macrae
  • Matheson
  • Murray /Moray
  • Ross
  • Shaw
  • Sinclair
  • Sutherland
  • Urquhart

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