Share a Tour

None presently available due to COVID-19 restrictions

Because private small group tours are our speciality the tour price is not a per-head price. It is a single figure to cover guide and vehicle. We do not sell by the single seat. Occasionally, however, our guests may ask us to help sell one of their spare seats – which we willingly help with. We call this the “Share-a-Tour plan”.

Listed below this Share-a-Tour information are the only seats available at the current time. If you were hoping for another date then there are none available. In that case you would have to approach this situation in reverse – booking a tour yourself and asking us to offer seats to others. Sometimes these seats sell and sometimes they don’t.

Specific Share-a-tour Terms and Conditions

  • Share-A-Tour seats cannot be booked through our normal booking system. Please email us here with details of the seats you require from those listed below and we’ll advise you how to book. We only take children 8 years and older on a Share-a-Tour, but babies and young children are welcome on exclusive tours.
  • If you would like to offer seats to others, then tell us how many, at the time that you make (and pay for) your tour booking. We will display your tour in our Calendar and here, below, free of charge. If you ask for this to be added later then we will charge an admin fee of £40.00
  • Once someone joins your tour you will no longer be able to cancel the tour. We set a seat price at approximately 30% of the full price of the tour . We retain £30 per seat per day for admin and the extra work for the guide. The remainder is returned to you in cash by the guide on the day of the tour. We don’t pay back more than you first paid, however. If all parties agree, then we also forward to you the contact email for your guest(s) who have purchased seat(s).  So it is perfectly possible for you to get your tour for free!
  • The only restriction is that we do not post shared tours from Cruise ships. This is because the ship noticeboard, roll-call and cruise critic are all better places for our customers to place their own notice. Also the financial arrangements are then entirely between them and their fellow-passengers and we are not involved at any level.

Prime party

The party booking the tour has first choice of seats and makes any optional decisions during the day. We can never guarantee to sell any seats, but if you give us long enough and it is a popular tour then there is a good chance. For administrative purposes the extra passengers are considered to be your guests.

If you are booking individual seats under the Share-a-Tour plan, there is no refund if you later cancel these seats. Seats are paid in full on booking.

Current Share-a-Tour Opportunities

None presently available due to COVID-19 restrictions