Create your own custom tour with Inverness Tour Guides

Custom Tours

Our guests say that the greatest joys of private touring are the flexibility and freedom. We love that too, because it helps us to personalise our approach, crafting a perfectly customised tour for you.

Sometimes that can be a simple change whilst travelling, when idle chat suddenly reveals a previously unknown interest of yours. And yes – we really have heard ourselves utter the following unexpected sentence, ” Ah, Victorian kitchen Gardens! Well, if that’s your thing then we could easily swap one of those into this afternoon’s tour”. At the other end of the scale we also delight in helping to create your perfect multi-day custom tour.

Customising our existing Tours

We can customise our existing tours in many ways either by changing the itinerary, or by adding days. We have often been asked to add a specific clan tour before or after a multi-day Outlander Tour. Generally though, our Custom Tour Activity falls into four main categories, as described below.

Custom City-to-City

Sometimes our guests want one-way travel between Scottish locations, but enjoying a quality crafted tour on the way. We can help turn a trip into an experience; a door-to-door journey on the prettiest roads, stopping at your choice of attractions. And because we can carry up to seven passengers the cost can be lower than public transport.

Custom Walking and Hiking

There are two specific walking tours on our Inverness Page – read here and here. We do delight, however, in taking guests on other walks too. This has led to our wide knowledge of many of the best walks and hikes in the Highlands. We will discuss your needs and wants and come back with some rambles which we can take with you.

Custom Coach Guiding

We have helped both in-bound coach companies and large private groups with their own hired coach. We can advise and customise your itinerary if asked, in order to best achieve the result you want. When invited, we are happy to jump aboard your coach and do your guiding for you. We tend to call this “Hop-On Guiding” because we are hopping on board your coach.

Custom Unlimited

Custom Unlimited is our name for the largest of our custom categories. It does exactly what it says on the tin. It covers everything else. We have worked with guests to create custom tours of one day in length up to ten days in length. Of course we have to work within restrictions set by time and distance, but we are great at problem solving. So tell us what you want, using the simple form at the foot of this page. Then we will do our very best to take you on that journey. From wish to reality.

Custom Tours from Inverness Tour Guides

Whether you want city-to-city, a private tour from a cruise ship, walking & hiking, a guide on your coach or a private extended tour we are happy to create that experience with you. Tell us, below, what you hope for and together we can work on making that dream a reality.