Graeme MacDonald

A true Highlander, Graeme was born and brought up in the pretty village of Beauly and from the day he left school his work had him traveling the length and breadth of Scotland’s Highlands, lowlands and Islands!

Inverness Tour Guides

He says, ‘One of the things I loved about traveling were the stories I would be told by all the locals. Wonderful stories of wonderful ways of life. I have to admit though that at times, there was a dram or two of whisky involved so the stories might not all have been true but they made me laugh and I loved hearing them.’

‘I enjoy an active life and played the Highland game of Shinty (similar to field hockey & Irish Hurling) for my village for many years. Nowadays, I look to Scotland’s hills for my exercise. There is no finer place to be on a beautiful dayat than at the top of a Munro, looking at the 360 degree view… just breathtaking and I can indulge my interest in Landscape Photography at the same time.

He has been involved in Tour Guiding for almost 17 years and drives a Mercedes V Class 250 Sport (7 seater).

Graeme is part of the Clan Donald Society of Scotland, and every year he and his wife, take part in the Battle of Culloden Commemoration organising the invitations, lunch and entertainment for all of the Clan Donald members and non-members from near and far.