Mark Addison

Mark is from the Kingdom of Fife. He was born in the lovely town of Dunfermline, which was the capital of Scotland before Edinburgh. When he was a child, Mark was taken by his parents to visit many ancient castles and palaces. These frequent visits to Scotland’s historic attractions sparked his love for Scottish history and culture. As a teenager he was influenced by many movies and TV series (such as Highlander, Rob Roy & Whisky Galore – but he says his favourite has to be Braveheart). He still enjoys watching Scotland onscreen, through the latest releases like Outlander or Outlaw King.

His passion for Scotland has continued to grow throughout the years, and now encompasses a love of the outdoors. While camping alongside beautiful lakes or hiking through remote glens he has been able to enjoy discovering the stories behind these wild places. This love of the outdoors led Mark to a career driving coach tours around Scotland (and even much of the European Mainland). Seeing faraway places has not diminished his love for Scotland, however. Quite to the contrary, it has given him a keen appreciation of how special Scotland is, and has set him on the path to wanting to share that richness with others. His greatest enthusiasm has always been for the Scottish Highlands and Islands, and he has worked within the tourism industry for 12 years.

He has much experience in guiding both small and large groups of visitors around the whole of Scotland. He has worked with all age groups and his passion for Scotland’s past is infectious. He has been told that his way of telling stories is both entertaining and humorous, while at the same time being informative.


Mark Addison Touring vehicle

Mark’s car is a Hyundai i800. It carries up to seven passengers, It is a roomy car, fully air conditioned.