Laura Moon

Laura, a proud and passionate Scot, was born south of Glasgow. Her love of Scottish culture and its deep history was something she inherited because of her father’s singing. As a result of hearing Scotland’s tales and history in song she wanted to learn more. In 1989 she joined a historical society called The White Cockade and has never looked back. She has a particular interest in the history and the stories of Highland Clan Society and loves to show guests the land where their forefathers once walked.

Realising she was spending too much time travelling to the Highlands for recreation, she decided to move there in 2003.                                                                   ‘The thing I love about living in the HIghlands is the easy access to some stunning and historically interesting places. I therefore don’t have to go far to find something that makes my heart glad. Having a personal relationship with the area means that I can show you these places and entertain you with historical background that gives you a genuine flavour for the area.”

Very much at home in the great outdoors Laura is a keen hill walker and skier. ‘There is no better way to experience a place than to feel it under your feet. We have some of the most accessible and spectacular scenery in the world. I am passionate about sharing it with you.’ With this in mind, Laura is happy to incorporate a suitable walk into your tour days.

She is an entertaining and engaging guide who knows a great deal about the impressive attractions, outstanding scenery, hidden gems and off-the-beaten-track places that show off Scotland.

She sees herself as an excellent communicator and storyteller; her easy and clear tone of voice will entertain you with tales and information throughout your journey.

Laura’s car is the seven-passenger Ford Tourneo Custom. With reclining seats, and air conditioning throughout – this ensures touring in comfort and style.