Ian Deveney

Ian Deveney is an asset to Inverness Tours, with a long track-record at Culloden Battlefield.

Ian was brought up just South of Glasgow, he has had a long standing love affair with Scotland. From a young age Ian has had a enthusiasm for the adventurous side of the Scottish landscape and his twenties found him skiing, white water kayaking and walking in the hills of this beautiful country. His passion for Scottish culture came to fruition when he became part of a group called The White Cockade, a living history, re-enactment group who would travel the country bringing history alive to its audiences. Being introduced to this way of communicating Scotland’s history was to be a turning point in his life.

In 1995 Ian moved to the shores of Loch Ness as a way of deepening his own knowledge. He was asked to work and help develop a small living history attraction which was recognised by the tourist board and achieved a 4 star rating.

Taking his experience to another level Ian then went on to form a living history business called Battlescar Entertainment. In the last 11 years he has found himself working and performing in many pertinent historical sites. Most notable are Stirling Castle, Edinburgh Castle and Culloden Battlefield where his work as a costumed interpreter has landed him several roles on television and the ‘big’ screen. Ian’s six years as a guide on Culloden Battlefield and his library of rare books from the 1700’s brought him to the attention of archaeologist Tony Pollard. Pollard’s work was to survey the site before construction of the new visitors centre. Ian proved to be an invaluable reference point to the archaeologist.

Ian’s love of the landscape has recently been reignited with his interest in photography. This new hobby is proving a great way of scouting out some truly sensational, less travelled spots, which he is only too happy to share with you.

His knowledge of Scottish history and culture from the Vikings, to the Scottish Wars of Independence, to the Jacobite Risings of 1745 is second to none. Couple this with a talent of making his love of Scotland feel fresh, fun and relevant makes him the ideal Personal Guide for your excursion.

Ian’s car is the seven-passenger Ford Tourneo Custom. With reclining leather seats and air conditioning throughout – this ensures touring in comfort and style.