Dave Fyfe

Dave was raised in the Outer Hebrides until the age of 11. He moved to Wales and joined the Royal Air Force (aged 16) to seek out adventure around the world. During his time in the RAF he learned how to ski, kayak, sail, paraglide and see some truly amazing places.

He left the RAF in 2000 and became a fully qualified Driving Standards Agency motorbike instructor. He also went to University for 3 years, at the end of which he received a Psychology degree.

Taking these new found skills, he joined a Medieval Battle and Living History Re-enactment group called The Historic Saltire Society, for which he is now the Performance Manager. He went back to basic and advanced motorbike training; which he does to this day. He also started a company offering historical education and performance across a huge breadth of disciplines. Various film & corporate contracts, self-run events & entertainments have seen Dave being a medieval knight, a viking, a redcoat soldier, a druid, King’s executioner, jacobite soldier and a pirate to name but a few.

Dave has lived in the Highlands of Scotland since 2006. Despite having travelled all over the world, he is happiest when surrounded by the rich and varied history of this beautiful part of Scotland. From the rugged coasts to the wild mountain ranges, he loves showing his guests around his favourite part of the world.

Dave’s car is the seven-passenger Ford Tourneo Custom. With reclining leather seats, privacy glass windows and air conditioning throughout – this ensures touring in comfort and style.