Dave Fyfe

Dave was raised in the wild and majestic Outer Islands of Scotland and loves nothing more than to share the myths, legends and island folklore that he learnt there as a wee boy:
‘I vividly remember; often being sat around a fire listening to the incomparable island storytellers and historians weaving their magic, while the Atlantic winds battered against the walls and windows protecting us all inside’.

When not sat in front of peat fires listening to Scotland’s folklore, Dave and his family would be out and about exploring miles of sandy beaches with their turquoise waters, playing in rock-pools providing endless contributions to their imaginations, or delving deep into the heather and bluebell strewn island’s interior as they went on long walks around the innumerable Lochs.

At age 16, Dave left home to seek his fortune (and trees!) in 1990; being lucky enough to be accepted into the Royal Air Force, to travel extensively, and to be given some fantastic opportunities, whilst also having lots of adventures involving anything to do with outdoor pursuits.                                                              

‘Despite having travelled all over the world though, I had always intended to come back to what I knew for me was the best country in the world. So in 2003, my wife Suzy and I made the best decision ever and decided to move back to Scotland, from the east coast of England’.

Dave’s car is the seven-passenger Ford Tourneo Custom. With reclining leather seats, privacy glass windows and air conditioning throughout – this ensures touring in comfort and style.